About Us

The Guardian Institute provides support to lay and professional guardians, and to individuals under guardianship.We develop solutions to meet the need for guardians for our very low income incapacitated individuals who have no family or friends and do not have funds to pay for professional guardianship services.

Studies show that many individuals with disabilities have been abused in some way during their lifetime and need an advocate.

With our aging population, the elderly are increasingly vulnerable to abuse and financial exploitation. These individuals need advocacy and competent oversight to stay as safe and as independent as possible.

The Guardian Institute stands ready to help those who help our most vulnerable.


We are currently in the process of finalizing our conference agenda and will be confirming the final speaker list within the next few weeks. While we finalize these details, we are excited to share a preliminary schedule for the conference.

The conference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd, and Wednesday, April 24th. Each day, the sessions will run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our program includes six one-hour sessions per day, with a one-hour lunch break in the middle. Across the two days, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a total of 12 sessions and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to providing more specific details soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Frequently Asked Questions
The conference will cost $400.00 per person (through February 29), which is a significant reduction from last year's virtual registration fee. Going completely virtual has allowed us to dramatically lower costs and pass on the savings to attendees. We are thrilled to be able to offer this reduced rate and make the conference more accessible to a wider audience. Please note that starting March 1, the conference will raise in price to $450.00 per person and starting April 1 it will increase to $495 a person.
Attestation forms will be available via e- sign (DocuSign) after participating in the conference. This allows attendees to easily and securely sign their attestation forms electronically, without the need for printing or mailing. We understand that some attendees may prefer to sign a physical attestation form, so we will also offer the option to fax or mail in the forms.
We make a point to ensure that every conference has 12.0 credits approved by the Guardian board. Sometimes that means we need to make minor adjustments to the sessions/content, but we make sure that every session we include provides the necessary credit, which includes two emerging issue credits as well as two ethics credits. In addition, we work with the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) and apply approval of credits as well.
Attending the conference not only allows you to earn your annual CE credits in a convenient, two-day format, but it also offers the opportunity to engage with the conference in unique and interactive ways. The platform we will be using for the conference features polls, scavenger hunts, and interactive games that attendees can participate in during breaks. These activities will enable attendees to collect points, and we will be giving out sponsored prizes to the top point-getters during the conference.